Why Wide Eye Productions?

Welcome to Wide Eye Productions. We’re a can-do production partner that collaborates with leading agencies and brands. We take glimmers of ideas and bring them to life on screen. We’re curious and enthusiastic. We listen. We care. We find meaning in the everyday and the extraordinary to tell stories that matter.


Telling memorable stories with motion pictures requires a unique set of skills—both creative and technical. You can’t simply write the words on a page and call it good. You must think in pictures, mold your message out of these images and find a flow that fits your tale. Our talented producers, directors, photographers and editors view every project as a creative journey. We begin with good old-fashioned research, about you, your story, your product, company or program. We collaborate with our clients and usher projects through the entire production process, from first concept to final edit. Our level of creative involvement is up to you—we can help steer your creative vision, or if you prefer, we can drive the show. In the end, your program will not only tell your story but show it, in a meaningful way that your audience will remember.


At Wide Eye Productions, we’re on a professional mission to eliminate the phrase “fix it in post.” We pride ourselves on gathering powerful, beautiful, relevant images. To that end, we offer top-of-the-line field equipment with experienced crews to match. Because if you don’t look good, we don’t look good, and we’re only happy when we look fantastic.

For a complete list of camera packages, check the link below. We look forward to working with you!


Even the best equipment is only as good as its operator.

Our state-of-the-art editing facilities are used to their full potential by artistic and talented editors who know how to craft compelling stories. Our post-production facilities include three HD editing suites in Boise and another in Seattle.  We edit on the latest Adobe Creative Suite software with all the bells and whistles. We also offer motion graphics design, audio sweetening and digital distribution. Contact us to schedule your next project.


We like our work no matter how you slice it and offer professional á la carte services you’ll wish you could find everywhere.

  • Experienced Field Producers who know how to get what you need
  • Professional HD & 4K camera crews
  • Great gear
  • People who know how to use it
  • Crews based out of Seattle & Boise, covering the Northwest region


Conduct your interview live from anywhere in the world with our remote interview service. Talent sees and hears you live. Direct a session, ask questions and provide instant feedback. On your end, you’ll see a live feed directly from our camera. Live remote interviews are available on a moment’s notice at our Wide Eye interview studio with a variety of backdrop options. Live remote interviews are also available in the field where sufficient WIFI is available.