Film Projects


What if everything we’ve been told about saturated fat is fiction? And what if the “low fat, heart healthy” diet represents one of the most damaging public health recommendations in the history of our country? FAT FICTION is a feature-length documentary film that examines the history of the U.S. Dietary Guidelines and questions decades of dietary advice insisting that saturated fats are bad for us. Narrated by Dr. Mark Hyman.

Idaho From Above

Idaho from Above offers a fresh perspective on one of America’s final frontiers.  With more contiguous wilderness than any state outside of Alaska, the best way to capture Idaho’s remote and rugged landscapes is from the air.  Idaho from Above was filmed from a helicopter and acquired in 5K— a format more than seven times greater resolution than HD. Soar with us and enjoy this jewel of the West— wild, mountainous, cracked with desert canyons and flowing with rivers of life. Experience beauty; experience one of America’s most scenic and least known states in Idaho from Above.

The Rocky Mountain Fly Highway

There’s a highway out west that people drive every day without knowing the almost mythical status of places it can take them– unless they fly fish.  In the heart of the Northern Rockies, one 500 mile stretch of U.S. Highway 20 threads a dozen jewels– the West’s most prized blue ribbon trout streams. Along the way, the corridor winds through some of America’s most spectacular scenery– jagged peaks, bewitching deserts, shimmering waters in pristine forests. Narrated by Tom Skerritt (A River Runs Through It, Picket Fences, Aliens).

Idaho the Movie

Idaho, the Movie is an Emmy Award winning documentary featuring the well known and the hidden treasures of Idaho. From the Sawtooths to the Tetons, from the big lakes of North Idaho to the deserts of the South-West, from unique landscapes like Craters of the Moon and Thousand Springs to Mesa and Shoshone Falls, to the rivers large and small… Idaho, the Movie shares them all.   Written and narrated by veteran Idaho columnist, Tim Woodward, Idaho, the Movie showcases the state we live in and love in stunning high definition video.

Idaho The Movie 2

Timeless beauty in untouched places. Idaho the Movie 2 is a sequel to the original Emmy Award-winning film. An artists’ theme carries viewers into wild and wide open landscapes– from pristine wilderness areas to desert canyons lost in time; from sparkling big lakes to hidden geothermal hot springs. A documentary filmed entirely in  4K, Idaho the Movie 2 delivers a visual feast to anyone looking for an escape into the wild. Narrated by Tim Woodward.

Untapped – The Story of Beer in Boise

The Great American Beer Fest this year featured 101 categories of beer. Some of the top awards went to the small brewers. How do they compete? What other surprises will we find in the towns where they brew for gold? Untapped showcases three small town Boise brewers in their native habitats– hip pubs; warehouses turned hangouts; in a town on the edge of the next big thing.

Wildlife of the West

The West is known for spectacular scenery, but it’s also home to one of the world’s most impressive wildlife populations. Wildlife of the West, a companion film to the Emmy award-winning Idaho, the Movie, captures it amid the diverse beauty of Idaho and Yellowstone National Park. It takes you stream-side and mountain-side with bighorn sheep, moose, eagles, trophy trout, grizzly bears and more. From the flickering flight of a mountain bluebird to the dizzying habitat of the Rocky Mountain goat, it’s all here in Wildlife of the West. Written and Narrated by Emmy Award-winner, Tim Woodward.