Share the Beauty of Idaho
with Films from Wide Eye Productions

Idaho The Movie 2 (2016)

Idaho the Movie 2 reveals timeless beauty in untouched places. Complete your collection with this sequel to the original, Emmy Award-winning film.  Idaho the Movie 2 features all new locations from every region of this rugged, Rocky Mountain state and was filmed entirely in Ultra HD.   A BluRay of Idaho the Movie 2 dazzles on 4K television monitors.  Also available on DVD.

Idaho the Movie (2012)

Idaho, the Movie is an Emmy Award-winning documentary that features the well known landscapes of Idaho and the little known gems in between. Purchase your copy of this keep-sake film and share the beauty of Idaho with your family and friends.

Wildlife of the West

The West is known for spectacular scenery, but it’s also home to one of the world’s most impressive wildlife populations. Wildlife of the West, a companion film to the Emmy award-winning Idaho, the Movie, captures it amid the diverse beauty of Idaho and Yellowstone National Park. It takes you stream-side and mountain-side with bighorn sheep, moose, eagles, trophy trout, grizzly bears and more. From the flickering flight of a mountain bluebird to the dizzying habitat of the Rocky Mountain goat, it’s all here in Wildlife of the West. Written and Narrated by Emmy Award-winner, Tim Woodward.